What makes Barule Digital Media advertising effective?

More than ever, companies are looking to increase revenues by leveraging new advancements in advertising. One such advancement is Digital Out of Home advertising, also known as DOOH advertising. DOOH advertising is essentially any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside the home and through the means of digital media. It is in contrast with traditional advertising mediums such as broadcast, print, and Internet.

We enable DOOH advertising on VODXS™ (Visual On Demand Experience Systems) faucets. VODXS™ faucets are easy to install sink faucets equipped with a high-resolution 7 inch LCD screen that displays the most targeted advertising that advertisers can buy, reaching a captive audience that is more likely to remember what they saw. Using a faucet is an interactive experience that requires a person to look at the faucet and therefore, the advertisement. The uniqueness of faucet advertising means the audience is likely to not only remember the advertising but also tell their friends about it.

Advancing DOOH advertising to the next level, Barule Digital Media offers a one of a kind medium that has a demographically captive audience. For example, if an advertiser wants to promote a new women's sports shoe, they could choose to advertise in women's washrooms in a sporting arena knowing that they have a captive audience of female sports fans. Imagine advertising your sunscreen product at pool washrooms across a number of high traffic pool areas. Envision promoting your luxury product in the high-limit poker table washrooms or the washrooms of luxury boxes at a sporting venue.

What makes Barule Digital Media advertising effective?

  • High traffic. Who doesn't use the washroom?
  • Captive focused audience. Environment typically free of distractions
  • Color displays attract eyes and ads are easily animated. People are drawn to LCD screens and movement.
  • Unlike traditional digital media devices, encounters are logged and tracked (consumer views while hand-washing) providing tangible feedback to advertisers.
  • Extremely targeted advertising. Choose the type of venue or clusters of venues to advertise in - geographical or vertical.
  • Simple. No clutter, clean and elegant presentation.
  • Agile. Electronically controlled allows for rapid change abilities.
  • Easily integrated with consumer call to action technologies such as text response and mobile ‘kites’ to drive immediate consumer purchase decisions.
  • Cost effective. Easier to serve thousands of impressions compared to traditional advertising mediums.
  • All faucets are integrated by a common back-end management server allowing ad content to be pushed to any faucet in the Faucet Impressions international network.

The advertising space on each faucet will be sold in the same manner advertising is sold in other media. Advertisers pay a fee for their ads to run on the desired faucets. Ads can be purchased on individual targeted faucets or on a network of locations. Fee rates are determined using standard industry advertising rates based on the number of impressions. Impressions are a measure of how many people view the ad spots.

Understand the effectiveness of the faucet medium. Read the Murphy Media report.

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