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Barule Digital Media is an innovative media company that uses state of the art technology to deliver digital advertising to faucets in public washrooms. As a distributor and partner of Faucet Impressions, we use their patented VODXS™ (Visual On Demand Experience Systems) faucets to transform faucets from simple appliances that regulate water to unparalleled branding, advertising, and communication opportunities.

We are currently working with other Faucet Impressions distributors to build an international digital media communication network with event and entertainment venues, including sports stadiums, concert halls and arenas, shopping malls, airports, casinos, theatres, museums, bowling alleys, theme parks, universities, hospitals, nightclubs, corporate office buildings, private clubs, and restaurants.

Barule Digital Media is a partnership of talented technology and marketing professionals that will work with your company on placement or advertising opportunities, both locally and throughout the Faucet Impressions network. Currently Barule Digital Media has operations and sales teams in New England, Washington D.C. and Georgia.

Managing Partner

Mark Bellenger

Operations, Delivery and Network Management

Tim Oakes

Sales and Client Services

David Duffey

Southeast Sales and Client Services

Jason Murray

Southeast Operations and Delivery

Henry Mattox

Web and Media Graphics Development

Shaun Gorneau

Media and Advertising Relations

Sal Campo
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