A Huge Impact

“Some 70% of all [purchase] decisions are made in stores. You can have a huge impact.” - Peter Hoyt – Founder and Executive Director, In-store Marketing Institute

Target Customers Inside Stores

“It’s more effective to target customers inside stores than in their living rooms.” - Point-of-Sale Advertising Goes High Tech – Global Economics

The Most Effective Media Channel

In-venue digital displays are set to become “the most effective media channel” for advertisers. “It’s certainly on everybody’s agenda.” - Barry Salzman – Former President, DoubleClick Global Media

It's Not Just About Reach.
It's About Grasp.



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Venues, why partner with Barule Digital Media?

Venue owners have been selling advertising space, both static and digital, for many years.
Barule Digital Media provides venue owners with an exciting new way to leverage what was a capital maintenance expense into a profit center.

70% Water Savings

70% water savings over manual faucets.

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No CAPEX to venue for faucets.

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Self Promote

Advertise own products and services.

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What makes Barule Digital Media advertising effective?

More than ever, companies are looking to increase revenues by leveraging new advancements in advertising. One such advancement is Digital Out of Home advertising, also known as DOOH advertising. DOOH advertising is essentially any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside the home and through the means of digital media. VODXS™ faucets provide advertisers with a unique and valuable platform in the DOOH space.

  • High traffic.
  • Captive, focused audience.
  • Vivid displays attract eyes.
  • Synergy across venues.
  • Hyper-targeted advertising.
  • Measurable results.
  • Simple.
  • Agile.
  • Cost effective.

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